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Marketing initiatives can be challenging and confusing, but the results don’t have to be. Since 1995, Satellite ProLink has been the clear choice to help auctioneers create, implement, and manage high-powered campaign strategies that are targeted to drive sales. Managing campaigns with unmatched customer service and creativity is what we do. We’re seasoned in our work and when it comes to exceeding expectations, we deliver. 


The best opportunity for results is when every aspect of your brand works together, both online and offline. An individual auction campaign is just one aspect of your overall marketing plan.


A well-planned and well-executed marketing strategy is essential for the success of any auction and to drive sales. That much is simple. The trick is figuring out what well-planned and well-executed actually mean.


Ready to take the next step? Simply head over to our Budgets2Go page, fill out and submit the auction questionnaire. Our team will create a custom marketing proposal for your auction.

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Creating and executing successful auction marketing takes research, skill, discipline, and  consistency to bring results. That’s why successful auctioneers choose Satellite ProLink to maintain their marketing strategies. Free yourself from the demands of this ever evolving mediascape and let us handle your next campaign.